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Total installation/Movie
OXER, Ebeltoft, Denmark


The exhibition was made following a method and a methodology developed and continuously revised by The Gaming Department throughout their 6 years of existence. Simply put: we create a universe; a nexus of common interests. Then we educate ourselves within its’ framework and finally emerge as immersed invaders. Every member created a fictional character serving as both node of inspiration and as a persona through which aspects of the universe could be made explicit. In a series of meetings we assimilated more and more of these characters through playing a spaceship simulator-computer game while remaining in character. We made mood boards, costumes and short text descriptions. We have accumulated all this material and used it as rocket-fuel for the intuitive leap towards the pieces you are about to take in. You are witnessing an exhibition where the collective thought process transgressed the conventions of the documentary genre. The fantasy spilled into reality and after the flood we are left with memories, signs and artifacts pointing towards an impossible future. We wish you a pleasant trip /The Gaming Department  


Stage 1:

The Gaming Department plays a live action roleplay session onboard Svartlöga. The roleplay is supported by the game Artemis Space Bridge Simulator, which is video documented. The game is modded and includes a custom written story coded into the game, custom 3D models, costumes for players, props and other scenographic elements.

Stage 2:

Inspired by the session The Gaming Department makes an interactive multimedia exhibition onboard Svartlöga. The name is Captain Veal Boy presents: Spaceløga. The works include performance, text, static image, moving image, sculpture, computer game - all attributing to the creation of an immersive installation on the ship. 

As you travel through space, you are constantly reminded of what once was. The remnants of the bygone age, appearing in the shape of space debris, radioactive planets, black holes and xenoids follow you on your journeys. They remind you that no corner has gone unaffected, and that all you find has already been discovered.


You approach the jump gate, the line of ships stretching for at least for 3 sm (space miles). Some obvious transport ships, with small cockpits guiding long tails of containers others homemade scouts, combined of old earth vehicles and materials and modified for space travel. There is even an old space ferry among them, its size towering above the others. The gate is slowly swallowing ship after ship, sending them off to the neighbouring star system. The plasmatic field envelops them, closing in after them, forming the recognizable shape of two lips pressing together. The lips stiffen, hold tight for a couple of seconds and then relax and open again up, ready to transport yet another ship

You shuffle through the soundscape, leaning back into your chair. You observe the restaurant on the side of the waiting line with its shuttles scuttling back and forth between the ships and the parking lot. The lights from the restaurant spaces are illuminating images of food, happy customers and menus, appearing as holograms around the ship.


The line moves forward and you reach the disinfection station. The gasses envelop your ship, temporarily blinding your cameras and resetting your sensors. You slowly take off your gloves, the moving fabric sending shivers through your spine. Your skin underneath is naked and smooth, its' colour almost illuminating a white glow - you body is enjoying itself. 

You pass the station and close your eyes. You hear the voice of the familiar instructional video informing you about the upcoming procedure. Its' soft vocals and elegant pacing travels to your stomach, relaxing your body. 

Your hand slowly moves to the jump button. Your fingers wrap around the pleasure inducing fabric, pushing a gentle but deep pulse through your arm. Through the ventilation comes a well-timed cloud of betafumes (a sense drug), as the ship before you is swallowed by the gate. Soon it is our turn to jump.

00:00 / 01:39

The Taunt Tune

I don't know dude

I think everyone's all jealous and shit 'cause I'm like the captain of a ship, dude

And I think everyone's got a fuckin' problem with me dude

And they need to take it up with me after the race



You fucks don't even know the name of my brand

You’ mamas on me like they wanna hold hands

'Cause once I blow they know that I'll be the man

All because I'm the CEO of my brand


So I get off the bridge, right, drop the mic

Walk up to your moms and I'm all like

"Sup? Ladies, my name's Dillon Justus

The greatest Captain to ever turn on thrusters"

They're all like, "Oh my God, it's him

Becky, oh my fucking God, it's Dillon

I swear to fucking God, dude, you fucking rock

Please Dillon, please, let me suck your cock"

And by now, the rest of the fellas get jealous

Especially when I drop the beat and do my a cappellas

All your moms start yelling, all the hot milfs

Throw their bras and their shirts and their panties on me

So like every single night they pick a fight with me

But when we fight it's kinda like sibling rivalry

‘Cause they're back on the bridge the next night with me

Dude! I just think you're trying to steal the light from me

Yesterday your mom tried to pull a knife on me

‘Cause I told her Princess Milos’ my wife-to-be

This rock star shit, it's the life for me

And all the other guys just despise me, because these…


You fucks don't even know the name of my brand

You’ mamas on me like they wanna hold hands

'Cause once I blow they know that I'll be the man

All because I'm the CEO of my brand


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