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Finally, We are Wizards!

Installation including VR Game, sculpture containing controller
Odense Film Festival, Denmark


A virtual reality puzzle game in a fantasy setting. The player is transported into an abandoned wizard tower, where they use a magical staff to explore the mysteries and secrets of the old place. 

The game was exhibited during Odense Film Festivals’ Playoff which focuses on showcasing innovative media.


Finally, We are Wizards! is The Gaming Departments first full-fledged fantasy VR-game. We never believed that the neologism tech wiz (technological wizard)

was a random expression. Technology and magic are two sides of the same coin, and we want ourselves and everyone else to be wizards.


Fantasy entangles itself with reality and vice

versa - therefore we also created a staff, both present in- and outside the game. This staff was the wizards primary way of interacting with the many rooms, secrets and machines inside the abandoned tower.


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