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VR Experience
Odense Havnekultur Festival, Odense, Denmark


In 2323 Virtual Reality (VR) takes up approximately 70% of the average Western citizens waking hours. Sensory stimulus such as smell, touch etc. has been integrated into VR-technology, which is now the primary interface for handling matters regarding citizenship (ex. unemployment, tax-registration and political alienation) but also social interaction is now handled in virtual settings.

A multi-sensory virtual reality (VR) experience that took place, in conjunction with Havnefestival Odense. An exploration of somatic tactilities in relation with visual input. A playful take on what VR-technology could look like in the near future. The VR-game was augmented with physicality as the player would be guided and led by the actors / artists.

In creation of the game narrative, there were talk about various ways of adapting the game to what we interpreted as the spirit of the talk, and settled on a story similar to that of the game: “Dr. Langeskov,The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist” (Crows Crows Crows & William Pugh) where the player is invited to a sort of behind-the-scenes control room, when the game glitches and breaks down.

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